Free online course - Energy oriented business administration

Follow our course about energy and business administration and gain cutting-edge knowlegde in this field from an inernationally recommened expert.

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1. Introduction

Find out what the course about energy oriented business administration will offer you. This first video gives an overview.


You can download the presentation to this video here.


Get to know your lecturer,

Prof. Johannes Kals.

2. Megatrends as challenges and chances

2.1 Climate Change

One of the Megatrends that challenges companies but also our societies is climate change.

You can download the presentation here.


We explain in short what is carbon dioxide. Enjoy!

2.2 Energy Transition

The development of renewable energies is a huge task for every society. Can it succeed? And to which costs?

Find out more in this presentation. The slides can be downloaded here.


Have you already heard about the carbon footprint? Find out it means. Follow the link in the video and find out your own carbon footprint.

2.3 Digitalization

Learn more about digitalization as one of the megatrends for energy oriented business administration.

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3. Balance sheet and accounting

3.1 Sustainability

What is sustainability and how can it be measured and quantified. We have some propositions for you and your company.

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Besides carbon footprint we also talk about the ecological footprint. Where is the difference? This video gives an answer.


Contribute to minimize your own ecological footprint – here are some tips and tricks.

3.2 Energy for Non-Engineers

Here we give some basic information about energy, capacity, degree of efficiency as well as forms of energy and energy units.

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Energy Key Performance Indicators or Energy Performance Indicators help to show energy related figures in companies important to measure and indicate energy consumptions. Find out more in this video.

3.3 Cost Accounting and Life Cycle Assessment

Learn about the energy supply chain, energy reviews and LCA and their importance for companies.

You can download the presentation here.


In this video you learn how to distinguish between process-review and plant review.


A short and enjoyable explaination of life-cycle assessment.

3.4 Management or managerial accounting

Management accounting uses the EnPIs. Find out how to structure and use EnPIs and KPIs for the best performance of a company.

Here you can download the presentation.

4. Management of business functions and domains

4.1 Green IT

We define IT as one business function andhave a closer look as IT as an enabler.

Here you find the presentation.


4.2 Facility Management

Facility Management is an important business function. Learn how to improve processes and work with new technologies in order to save energy as one cost unit.

You can download the presentation here.


In this video we show you an installed heat pump and explain how it works.


What is a passive house and why is it climate and energy friendly? Have a look in this video.

4.3 Logistics

Learn more about logistics as one business function, its tasks and importance for companies. Where are the technical options and scenarios for the future? We give some ideas.

You can download the presentation here.


E-Mobility is a game changer in logistics. Why? Have a look at this video.

4.4 Procurement of energy

Where does energy carriers come from? And which energy carriers are purchased where. These and other questions are tackled in this presentation.

You can download ths presentation here.


Here we show you the five steps of the energy supply chain.

4.5 Procurement other than energy

Where is ths linkage between material procurement and energy? This presentation provides some answers.

For download of the presentation, click here.

4.6 Production planning and operation

We present selected methods and options of production planning and introduce the topic load management and coupling of sectors.

The presentation can be downloaded here.


4.7 Maintenance

How is maintenance defined and how is it organized in companies? In this presentation we present some examples.

You can download the presentation here.



With regular and planned maintenance companies can save money and secure safety for their employees.

This simple example in the video shows the correlation.

5. Profitability, strategy and ethics

5.1 Profitability

This presentation deals with the ideas of total cost of ownership (TCO) and life cycle costs (LCC) and other concepts of profitability.

You can download the presentation here.

5.2 Strategy

Learn about the context of strategy, sustainability and energy as well as the application of selected strategic planning methods.

For download of the presentation, click here.

5.3 Ethics

Business ethics and some ethical theories are presented in this unit.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

6. Organizational implementation

6. Organization and ISO 50001 energy management systems

This presentation introduces ISO 50001 and links it to the business functions.

Download the presentation here.